Month: February 2015

  • Spain’s new “security” law

    As we don’t have TV and only instable internet on our mobiles I’m not aware of what the latest news – the world’s latest tragedies – brings us. That’s a true blessing and I’ve learned to appreciate this since we live on Ibiza. However, I’ve moments I’m dying to know what’s happening outside paradise 😉 […]

  • sweet bird

    fly high sweet bird and look for yourself  above, below, next to you  soaring away where the seabreeze takes you  or turn and change direction   when you feel lost and darkness hunts you  there is no one, right, way,   sweet bird in the sky,  you have yours and I have mine   impossible […]

  • Smiles, Hearts & Healing Vibes

     I’m thinking of my sweet sister-in-law. She has been operated and lies in a hospital-bed right now. My brother told me this morning she’s in pain as a result of the wound and because some organs need to find their place back and need to settle down in her body again.  Recovering. Patience is […]

  • How to feed two birds with one plate? 

     Living in Ibiza I’m so happy we took our mountainbikes with us. Never knew how important a bike could be for your well-being, especially when you move to a different place where biking is not that common as you thought it would be.  That bike is a life-saver, a joy-bringer, a gate to freedom. […]

  • On Love 

      ” Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit ” ~ Khalil Gibran Today on the bike I passed these beautiful almond-trees, which are all over the island. Blossoming. It’s the time of the year. Almond-blossom everywhere. The moment I left the blossom-trees behind, the thought of a beautiful love […]

  • Time spent with cats is never wasted

    We trapped this beauty this morning. Christel, a german lady offered her help and the cages. What a big heart Christel has, she helps so many straycats here in Ibiza. A true angel! Glad I can learn from her.  So this wild beauty is at the vet now to be sterilized ** She used to […]

  • To magic!

                                  Personally 2014 has been a year full of magic…and surprises. Last January a year ago we left Amsterdam in the morning, the house empty, the Silver Shadow full of bags and Dorus’ tools, Liefje in the back meoowing and there we […]

  • Wherever you Go…

    Wherever you Go…

     Since last week thoughts about distance have passed by…distance between people – family and friends – with whom you feel connected with. So, a connected distance 🙂 People on the island sometimes ask me: “Do you miss them?” “Yes , I do. No, I don’t.” Uh what? The no-answer sounds less horrible than you […]