Monday 23rd of March

 My brother’s birthday…my sister is ill. What a hell of a day…feeling angry. Feeling so much anger inside of me, because my family and I are waiting for one week…  Last Tuesday a doctor told my sister she might has cancer. The world has changed…again.  I find myself between hope and fear and this … Continue reading


Standing with you my sis

 Life has many surprises; not always the best. Everything has changed. The world looks different, less kind, overwhelmed by hopes and fears. But full of love. A power so deep. Deep as the world’s biggest oceans. Thankful to be with my family now in these uncertain times. We stand together. I stand with you … Continue reading

Ibiza Magic / Poems

New Beginnings

  Sunset in Cala Tarida, Ibiza, last night. Am I awake or am I dreaming? I ask myself these days not rarely.. Wondering mother nature’s magic’s beaming Shining skies, glowing purple like majesty Purple means mourning, they say Yes, she mourns over world’s despair On the brink of a beautiful new day Finding her … Continue reading