Month: May 2015

  • Stop! And smell the roses..

    Stop! And smell the roses..

     I was lying down on a table, covered from feet until shoulders by a soft , purple blanket. My head started to get very warm, glowing and tingling sensation at my cheekes. The energy began to flow through my whole body. It’s called..Reiki!  First session at the Ibiza Healing festival two weeks ago. The […]

  • 40!

    The day after.. Lovely birthday yesterday with lovely people. Spoilt rotten at this gorgeous place on Ibiza with my Amante and friends. Thank you for this wonderful celebration! ❤️  Salud!!

  • Travelling down our own road

    Welcome May: Warm Spring days have arrived or already even the beginning of a long hot Summer on Ibiza.  Two weeks back on the island and I already see changes. A different light, wild flowers blossoming in green fields and along the roads, more people visiting the island and many openings of restaurants at […]