Easter contemplation



We are fortune-hunters and I’m not ashamed of that

like an immigrant looking for a better life, a better future

we crossed invisible borders

but there the comparison stops

not to mention a refugee risking life at sea


We found our place, a roof over our heads

and work to earn some money

it was not hard

we didn’t have to struggle to be admitted

in fact, nobody did, we just entered country’s border unnoticed

and so we’re here


Because our parents were living in certain countries and they got babies

these healthy babies were sleeping peacefully in cradles

these cradles were standing in warm houses, surrounded by safe walls

in free countries where everybody was able to live their dreams


We were born in wealth, in abundance,

taken care of by parents who were both alive and loved each other

raised in a nation where you could walk to school without being afraid

bombs were falling from the sky


Because of this motherland no papers and allowance were required

we just left our home and lives to find better ones

we’ve chosen this careless life, so easily

hunting for our own fortune

will it be enough?


We were so lucky to have had our cradles safe and sound

not in a homeland where by chance other political-agreements applied

a place destroyed by war and hatred


Just in a normal house in Fortress Europe

we were born

our cradles stood there…


Yes, I’m very thankful for our cherished cradles

but I can’t help to feel ashamed

for I’m an easy fortune-hunter now

this fortune filled with such beauty

I realize it’s impossible not to be in love with

and this we should celebrate today…



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