Month: July 2016

  • #silentsouldiers


    Started something new: a poetry account on Instagram. Silent Souldiers. On here I share short poems, writings and just some thoughts with the crazy and beautiful world 😎 It’s fun to fight a little with words, to discover the power of words and perhaps we even end up loving the words 💚 Give it a […]

  • Looking for love…

    Looking for love…

    Everybody deserves love in his or her life. Love from our lovers, partners, children, family, friends, animals. To receive and give love. It’s not only romantic love. It’s love from being to being, human to human; it’s transcendental love. We thrive on love; regardless our age. It’s the fundamental healing power in this world. Yesterday I had a […]

  • Blue {short story}

    Blue  {short story}

      She tells him why the color blue always gives her a sense of happiness in the mornings. That summer feeling caused by a joyful glance at the blue sea from her window as soon she’s awake in the fresh morning. The sea fascinates her, it’s like a muse, it’s where Thetys lives, the goddess […]