Month: December 2016

  • Green Christmas And Other Thoughts

    Green Christmas And Other Thoughts

    These last weeks of 2016 are really the dark days before Christmas if we look at the weather. Even on Ibiza. Dark grey skies, wind, hardly any sun. It rained cats and dogs this past week. Thunder and lightning. A  loud bang in the air. The bad weather kept many people mostly inside their houses, just […]

  • I see how you smile at me

    I see how you smile at me

    ” Today I look in your notebook, more than a simple verse, today I observe the universe looking for your memory and deep inside of me, I see how you smile at me, that when I’m lost, you guide me, that on this moment, you talk to me, that you return with a magical word […]

  • My winter on Ibiza

    My winter on Ibiza

                                       —>> silentsouldiers poetry by evalunes <<—   Con Amor, Eva