Month: September 2017

  • It’s a strange world.

    It’s a strange world.

    Do you feel it: September blues? September always has been a melancholic month for me. The melancholia especially started when I was a law school student. September meant farewell to warm summer nights, late dinners with friends on the balcony and the vibrant city full of expectations where the days were still long. At the […]

  • Alone time.

    Alone time.

    Why my temporary alone time isn’t unconditional love. I love you as I can be all by myself these months with my thoughts, plans and moods. Me, myself and I. Just be me. No expectations. Go buying vegetables on the market not today, but tomorrow, it doesn’t matter. Let the dish-washing in the kitchen for […]

  • Angel


      Sometimes I think angels descend from their heavens because they have to see how we are. … Their temporary home is here with us, but they already have lived thousands of lives and keep coming back to this world. Sometimes in different shapes a tree, a bird, a beating heart. … You must be […]