Month: February 2019

  • infinity {poem}

    infinity {poem}

    sometimes the dead keep walking walking over our hearts in our dreams to tell us we are loved far beyond the imaginable.

  • You and I, we woke up this morning.

    You and I, we woke up this morning.

    Finding some motivational, uplifting words and meaning after facing the vulnerability of life once again, is what I’m looking for to lose that heaviness inside. Dorus likes to watch videos of the Indian mystic Sadhguru so this morning we looked up what Sadhguru says about mortality. This man always makes me smile, it’s his way […]

  • A Journey of Compassion

    A Journey of Compassion

    I wrote this blogpost more than a year ago. It’s still important to me and again, the way how I look at foods from animals and plants has changed: I cook without animal products for a year now, so no more dairy, meat and fish. I have more than enough reasons.

  • Woman Of The Woods {Poem}

    Woman Of The Woods {Poem}

    Only the cats and blackbirds knew who she was The hat man waved at her like he always did, wondering about her dancing in the woods