Month: May 2020

  • Moody.


    When I look in the mirror and see my hair getting more grey lately, I can’t say I find it charming anymore. When I open the tap and there’s no water running, as the water pump has been turned off again, I can’t say it doesn’t matter anymore. When I try to find some summer […]

  • The Painful Contrasts in Today’s World.

    The Painful Contrasts in Today’s World.

    We live in an exceptional contrasting world. Unlike power and vulnerability which, if practiced consciously, strengthens each other, the contrasting forces in our world weakens the whole and therefore some important issues, such as climate breakdown and health, aren’t getting any easier to solve.

  • “God doesn’t make junk.”

    “God doesn’t make junk.”

    “We weten niet waar we naartoe gaan, we weten niet wat er gaat gebeuren, maar niemand kan dat wat je in je eigen gedachten stopt, van je afpakken,” zei de moeder van Dr. Edith Eva Eger toen ze weggevoerd werden en voor de poorten van Auschwitz belandden. De ballerina van Auschwitz, zoals Eger wordt genoemd, […]