Month: September 2021

  • Back to Central America.

    Back to Central America.

    You always start to miss something so basic when you don’t have it anymore. You never have problems with it because it’s always there, always working. I’m talking about energy! And then I mean solar energy to do the things which are so basic, such as cooking, washing clothes, charging phone and laptop, that kind […]

  • Is it nature’s way to say wake the f*ck up?

    Is it nature’s way to say wake the f*ck up?

    She’s raging Spitting fire of rage Blazing flames, speeding of anger leaving only but blackness and death Rushing storms, thunder as bombs with floods and destruction in the streets Men and women dragged by the wild waters Animals eaten by the burning flames  Heavens opened pouring out anger  on us, racing around like mad men […]