Month: January 2022

  • Taking back control.

    Taking back control.

    Life is good on Mallorca this January month. The days are sunny and soft, mostly 13 or 14 degrees Celsius, it feels like a mild spring, like always this time of year. But the nights are cold. Colder than other years and colder than when we lived on Ibiza. It’s around freezing temperatures and when […]

  • Joan Didion, the stylish writer.

    Joan Didion, the stylish writer.

    I’m reading her essays, the work of Joan Didion. The well-known American writer, novelist and journalist, who passed away last month. She was 87 years old and suffered from Parkinson. I heard from her before, but never read her essays or books. Why is it that people have to die first to get noticed — […]

  • A new year!

    A new year!

    Free the mind by doing good stuff. Less hate and separation. More love and understanding. Less fear. More trust. Less assholes. More beautiful souls. Less injustice. More justice for all beings. Less bullshit. More reason. No more overexploitation and destruction, but guardianship of Mother Earth and the understanding of ONE health (humans, animals & the […]