Looking for love…


Everybody deserves love in his or her life. Love from our lovers, partners, children, family, friends, animals. To receive and give love. It’s not only romantic love. It’s love from being to being, human to human; it’s transcendental love. We thrive on love; regardless our age. It’s the fundamental healing power in this world.

Yesterday I had a great day with my dear friend. She’s a fantastic woman, beautiful, intelligent and very lovable. She had a bit of a rough week so I thought some beach, lunch and talking-time would bring some loving comfort here. The thing is, she’s feeling alone and wishes to meet a love in her life. While talking with her I was wondering (like always) why on earth this amazing woman doesn’t have an amazing love in her life who adores her. Why not? She deserves it. Like everyone. But especially she!

She continues her search for romantic love. Stories of the men she has met till now are mostly amusing, but the men are not the persons to build something with. So there’s quite some disappointment. I truly hope one day she’ll meet a great guy with whom she can share her adventures in life. Although I do think we need to start with ourselves first. To love the person just the way you are. To say: I deserve the best in life. I don’t settle for anything or anybody less. She can love herself more than she does now, I think. I know it’s not always easy to find happiness, to be happy and life can bring us down, but we can’t find happiness elsewhere than in ourselves. Be at peace with ourselves, also on days that suck. Have faith. Surrender. Sure, we haven’t learned that at school..

I have to think about these striking words of a writer I admire, Anaïs Nin: How wrong it is for a woman to expect the man to build the world she wants, rather than to create it herself.”  Yes, we are responsable for our own happiness. Always. However, if you are lucky to have found your big love in life, your life can get better, healthier and happier, which affects the person you are. Love makes us blossom.

Searching for love… It’s already in you, dear friend. You are love. You are happiness. Trust in it and romantic love comes your way. Hahaa, I know, I’m a romantic, but it worked for me. I know it will for you. Don’t forget to be true to yourself on the way. Create your own world with the things you love, the things that make you happy, friends, music, adventures… Never give up on love.

Because like I said, you deserve the fucking best in the world! 🙂 Love you, beautiful friend!

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