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  • A Ship Without Direction

    A Ship Without Direction

    A relationship, a friendship, a job or project needs time before we learn its worth and the ability to build on. It needs patience. It’s like climbing a mountain where you experience uncomfortable moments. For writing goes the same.

  • Yoga, my Companion on my Journey.

    Yoga, my Companion on my Journey.

    ”The more we sweat in peace, the less we bleed in war.” ~ Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit I have fully embraced yoga since I discovered its power and healing energy. Flow, movement, effort and grace result in rejuvenation, gratefulness, calm and relaxation. When I’m on my mat, at times feeling uncomfortable, I know I will leave […]

  • Autumn Leaves.

    Autumn Leaves.

    Welcome October! Each year it’s a fascinating swift. A calmness rules and summer hectic is soon to be forgotten. Ibiza is even more beautiful in autumn.

  • Realizing dreams this summer

    Realizing dreams this summer

    It’s getting hotter each day now. The island shows busy beaches and more and more cars and holiday makers arrive every day. Pumping beats coming from the boats at sea, people wearing less clothes and sweaty sunburnt skin. This all means summer has started on Ibiza. The time already has arrived where you’d better plan […]

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