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  • Belonging as a Wild Woman.

    Belonging as a Wild Woman.

    I just finished a book called “Belonging” by Toko-pa Turner. The title of the book spoke to me, as the theme belonging is beautiful, tricky and so universal. As humans, we all want to belong. Belong to a group, culture, a partner, place, a home. Messy The title spoke to me, because the past two […]

  • 6 Ways to Rewild Yourself Now.

    6 Ways to Rewild Yourself Now.

    As David Attenborough said in his latest nature documentary A Life on Our Planet: “WE MUST RE-WILD OUR WORLD”. Watching his witness statement of today’s natural world, Attenborough demonstrates the planet’s wilderness and biodiversity are rapidly declining, and it’s shocking proof.

  • 16 Nature Quotes That Will Leave You Breathless.

    16 Nature Quotes That Will Leave You Breathless.

    Let’s go outside, feel the sunshine and breathe the wild air! My 16 favourite quotes on nature which are my reminder of her power and wisdom.

  • Value Beyond Money.

    Value Beyond Money.

    How old beliefs can sabotage our most beautiful life. It’s hard work to change our beliefs, even if we know they fit the life we’re living much better and that they make us a happier and a nicer person.

  • My winter on Ibiza

    My winter on Ibiza

                                       —>> silentsouldiers poetry by evalunes <<—   Con Amor, Eva             

  • A lost home

    A lost home

       September has already started. Can you believe it? On Ibiza it seems like we’re still in the midst of Summer as the hot sun leaves more than enough traces of stickiness and sweat on my skin. The sun is shining in full strength. September is still a very popular month as I can see […]