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  • One Health.

    One Health.

    Damn, where is this going to? The Netherlands back in lockdown. Yes, it makes you feel down when you think of the small businesses, the folks working in hospitality,  theatres, healthcare, the constant loneliness, insecurity and fear that is pumping through young and old bodies. Exactly one year ago, I was in the Netherlands for […]

  • Be A Change Maker.

    Be A Change Maker.

    With disgust we speak about a people. With contempt we speak about a country, whereas we need to aim the arrows at their leaders. We worry about our next holiday, while half the world is on fire. We talk about left or right as it is it the one and only truth. I yell at […]

  • The Painful Contrasts in Today’s World.

    The Painful Contrasts in Today’s World.

    We live in an exceptional contrasting world. Unlike power and vulnerability which, if practiced consciously, strengthens each other, the contrasting forces in our world weakens the whole and therefore some important issues, such as climate breakdown and health, aren’t getting any easier to solve.

  • Land Of Hope And Glory

    Land Of Hope And Glory

       With Hope, Eva