Tag: Rewild ourselves

  • Belonging as a Wild Woman.

    Belonging as a Wild Woman.

    I just finished a book called “Belonging” by Toko-pa Turner. The title of the book spoke to me, as the theme belonging is beautiful, tricky and so universal. As humans, we all want to belong. Belong to a group, culture, a partner, place, a home. Messy The title spoke to me, because the past two […]

  • 6 Ways to Rewild Yourself Now.

    6 Ways to Rewild Yourself Now.

    As David Attenborough said in his latest nature documentary A Life on Our Planet: “WE MUST RE-WILD OUR WORLD”. Watching his witness statement of today’s natural world, Attenborough demonstrates the planet’s wilderness and biodiversity are rapidly declining, and it’s shocking proof.

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