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  • Back to Central America.

    Back to Central America.

    You always start to miss something so basic when you don’t have it anymore. You never have problems with it because it’s always there, always working. I’m talking about energy! And then I mean solar energy to do the things which are so basic, such as cooking, washing clothes, charging phone and laptop, that kind […]

  • How much do we really want to “sacrifice” for a greener home?

    How much do we really want to “sacrifice” for a greener home?

    It’s a question which is on my mind lately. I’m about to book a plane ticket, you know it’s so easy and cheap these days, but everyone knows if you travel by plane it’s impossible to save the planet. The techniques aren’t in place to fly eco friendly, but do I have to wait for […]

  • Yoga, my Companion on my Journey.

    Yoga, my Companion on my Journey.

    ”The more we sweat in peace, the less we bleed in war.” ~ Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit I have fully embraced yoga since I discovered its power and healing energy. Flow, movement, effort and grace result in rejuvenation, gratefulness, calm and relaxation. When I’m on my mat, at times feeling uncomfortable, I know I will leave […]