Eye gazing yoga in a coastal cave.

Ever looked a stranger straight in the eyes for minutes in a row without escaping?

My wonderful yoga teacher, Laura, suggested to do a free class in open air followed by a picnic on the beach. She invited all her students to come and also friends were welcome. In my enthusiasm I said yes to this marvellous idea. When I arrived at the destination, a coastal cave, we were only with a small, but nice group, some faces I had seen before. “We’re going to do yoga in couples,” Laura said.


Immediately resistance arose. I don’t like practicing yoga and sit or stand in uncomfortable positions together with someone else. I looked forward to doing yoga like we always do, especially after a long bike ride in the warm evening. Sun salutations and stuff. Okay, you’re here now, I said to myself and I sat down on my mat. We started with some meditation, sitting across each other, eyes closed. I placed my right hand on my heart and my left palm I placed on her hand which she held on her heart. I peeked with one eye just to see if I did touch her hand at the right spot. We breathed.


Then Laura said to open our eyes and to look at the person in front of us and to gaze into that person’s eyes. See the colours of the eyes, look well and see what lives in and beyond those eyes. I started to smile at her, an Argentinian young woman, who was a stranger to me. She smiled back to me, her blue eyes were beautiful. So far I felt okay, but a little while later while we kept looking into each other’s eyes, I began to feel shy and uncomfortable. I looked away for a second, my mouth felt nervous. Still I thought her sparkling eyes were friendly and beautiful. Quickly I watched the other couples. They looked utterly focused, but one couple was also a couple in life. To look your partner in the eyes shouldn’t make uncomfortable or shy, should it, but a complete stranger? So, for them it’s easy, I judged. I stared back into her eyes and she looked into mine. Minutes seemed to take longer than ever. Sometimes I closed my eyes just for a few seconds as it felt quite intense for me. I tried to relax and hoped my eyes weren’t too restless to look into. When Laura said we could leave our positions to embrace each other I finally could escape and I felt released.

This was difficult. I felt so incredibly shy and vulnerable during this intimate eye gazing. We gave each other a hug and finally my resistance for doing yoga together vanished. This ancient tantra practice is meant to open your heart and to be more present. During class we touched each other’s hands, legs, arms, backs in several yoga positions. After the eye gazing, I was fine with that. There was surrender instead of resistance. I thanked her; her name was Lucia.

Group hug

After an hour or so, we did a breathing exercise all together, we sat in a circle, closed our eyes and placed our right hand on the back of the person next to us. When the class came to an end we did a fat group hug, which is always nice. I love group hugs 🙂 The cave started to get darker and I wanted to get on my bike to cycle home, which isn’t close anymore. But I stayed, had a glass of gazpacho that Laura’s husband had made and I realised it was a perfect occasion to practice some Spanish as well. After 5 years on Ibiza I still feel insecure when speaking Spanish in a group. That’s because it doesn’t happen often when I’m in a Spanish speaking company where no English is spoken. It’s the second time that evening I found myself out of my comfort zone. But it’s true what “they” say: that’s the place where things happen.

Con Amor,


Yoga, my Companion on my Journey.

”The more we sweat in peace, the less we bleed in war.” ~ Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit

I have fully embraced yoga since I discovered its power and healing energy.

Flow, movement, effort and grace result in rejuvenation, gratefulness, calm and relaxation. When I’m on my mat, at times feeling uncomfortable, I know I will leave it with peace of mind.

Grateful for her, my wonderful teacher, and this practise I step into the world. I cycle home after dark in the soft autumn air, riding the country roads of Ibiza to the tunes of crickets, barking dogs and singing night birds off in the distance. There’s a kind of magic in these moments after yoga. With faithful starry heavens looking upon me I return home, light, unafraid and a heart filled with love. I am a mystical being. I feel like I am the stars I look at, I am the dark sky and the moon. Trivial and loud conversations in my head are muted, no longer determined to be heard.

All flies and all goes. There’s a stillness in and around me. No longer am I a worry woman, but a warrior woman. I know what’s worth fighting for, what really matters to me, yoga gives me that clearity.

Mornings started with yoga feel better than mornings without yoga. Then why do I still skip my practice some days? Yoga is discipline. If I want to grow further, I need to practise everyday. I am on my way. I am travelling. Yoga is my companion on my journey.

I have chosen this path to walk on, sometimes rocky and slippery, but worthwhile for the views on this path are magnificent. It isn’t the main path, the path which modern life expects me to travel. I decided to take a turn which is close to my beliefs. Once I step over the stones, these hurdles trying to brake me, there’s another one wanting me to change my course, not respecting my path, making me doubt, trying to make me fall and lose my balance. But this is my path, the road less travelled, where the treasures that wait for me on the horizon aren’t material wealth and success, but freedom and simplicity. Awareness and compassion. Patience. In fact, the journey, the path, is all this. And yoga is my comrade that keeps me balanced in travelling this path.

With both feet I always return gracefully to the ground after I float away on the waves of my breath. Yoga lets me drift away and escape from the noise which is all around. With yoga as my companion I follow my heart’s desires. I am aware and present. Held on to by old spirits and souls in heaven I pick myself up and continue my steps. Held on to by love’s power I walk on. Let’s come together where we can sweat in peace rather than to bleed in war. Let’s practise. Let’s walk here till there’s only love and unity left.


Con Amor,




DePura Ibiza

Would you like to know how to start and end the day peacefully? Just keep on reading and satisfying answers are guaranteed 🙂

After two years of living on Ibiza I feel fortunate to keep discovering beautiful spots on the magical island. It never ends. There’s still so much to discover. My bike is my green and healthy friend who brings me to my destiny for quite some time now. Many roads to follow. It’s good!

Last week I felt the first sunbeams of the day on my face by participating in a sunrise-meditation at a gorgeous place on a mountain, called DePura Ibiza. Joined by the great company of my man and two friends.

The morning sun was still hiding after the green hills when we were sitting on our pillows, our bodies enclosed by a soft blanket to stay warm and our thoughts already fading away. The deck where it took place was breathing a Balinese atmosphere with the wooden floor, cane roof and orange with purple colours. Then the sun rose enough to feel it shining on our skin. In the distance we could hear a few dogs barking and birds singing in the trees. All under both professional and loving guidance plus a nice cup of tea at the end of the 30-minute meditation. This peaceful sunrise-meditation was followed by a Hatha Yoga class where we were focussing on our breath and practising several classic positions. Combined with this magnificent environment and the beautiful Spanish couple that runs it we were being rewarded with Paz y Tranquilidad. And lots of smiles. For the whole day that lay ahead of us! With the spectacular views overlooking the bay of Sant Antonio we walked down the mountain and started a fresh new day. Really that’s the way to start a day and be assured that all goes well after. It’s true. We know it!

Again early Friday morning no more sleeping in bed as we came back to the mountain of DePura Ibiza for another sunrise-meditation and our first Aeroyoga class. It was still night when we left the house at 06:45 and along the way we saw the sun slowly rising. More busyness in my head during the sunrise-meditation this time, but in the end the sounds of barking dogs and singing birds helped me to be in the present moment. To feel the early sunlight of the day on your skin is just magical.

After this my first time Aeroyoga (Aerial yoga) and it was fun! I never heard of this type of yoga before. What is it? Something with air..yes. If you like the idea of profound stretching of your body, hanging upside down in a hammock, being weightless and flying (!) Aeroyoga is something you’ve got to experience. I felt quite insecure to let myself fall and to end up with my feet up in the air, but under the guidance of the very patient and professional instructor of DePura Ibiza we did it. How liberating it is to just let go and hanging upside down.. This surely needs some repetition.

In short, the answers on how to have a peaceful day, as long as you like:

  • Wake up when it’s still pitch dark (dislike!)
  • Bike through the Ibizian countryside and see the first beginnings of the day (no that bad anymore in fact it’s worthwhile..)
  • Follow the path to the mountain where you find DePura Ibiza
  • Walk your way up to the top
  • Sit down and touch the Balinese field
  • Let your thoughts flow
  • Feel the first sunshine on your face
  • Breathe
  • Relax
  • Do yoga
  • Breathe
  • Relax
  • Bike through the Ibizian countryside
  • Have a cup of coffee or better a cup of Mate tea (the energetic, healthy tea from South America) and a healthy, tasty breakfast
  • Work/do whatever you need and want to do
  • Meanwhile don’t forget to breathe and allow yourself to become more aware of your breath

Let’s make (parts of) it a habit. Hope you’ll join me!

DePura Ibiza hosts retreats, healthy holidays and holistic wellness programs, so you can immerse yourself in peace and serenity for multiple days in a row. A beautiful gift to treat yourself. In paradise. On Ibiza.

Wishing you all Paz y Tranquilidad!

Check out their website for more information: http://www.depuraibiza.com/


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