Our Captain

Today, 16 years ago, we found ourselves on a ship

in stormy weather, fighting against the waves

with endless and dark oceans beneath us

the sails tormented by the rushing wind

determined to continue this restless voyage

for being rescued in safer havens


Promptly, destiny decided

the captain of the ship lost

not at the rudder anymore

to guide us through the ruthless seas

a ship without a captain is like a heaven without stars


Defeated by the shock of emptiness

overwhelmed by a grief that diggs deep into your soul

for losing him who had been the captain for many years

through the highest, sweetest tides, through pools of love

it felt as most unfair in the whole world


The sails rippled and teared by the violent storm

the steerless ship without direction at sea

Defeated. Lost. Why him. Why?


16 years later the wind is less heavy

today no harsh storms at sea

yet stormy weather knows

to find the way to my heart


Our captain is not sailing the ship anymore

but often I feel he’s still there

silently around here

silently fills the air with love

as strong as the deepest oceans

he guides me to safe havens


Not a day goes by

without thinking, without realising

we, the crew, are still missing our captain

today, 16 years later

not a single day


We love you, Dad