Resilient Fox {poem}.

The natural world is a healer
She tells us to slow down
She teaches us what beauty is
She shows us how to solve issues of the modern world
She demonstrates patience

Butterflies flutter, birds of prey hover and rabbits hop,
and we roam
Trees breathe, oceans ripple and flowers blossom,
and we close our eyes
The resilient fox, the hunting wolf and the playing monkey,
we don’t witness

We wander without vision,
searching for something which is not us
We’re looking for connection with another being,
beyond the surface, where water is deep
We’re longing to reconnect with the natural world

Open our eyes,
they have been so tired of tears burning

Open our hearts,
but not for lies or old lessons
dinned into us,
telling us not to witness

The truth is, we are so cut off
We lost ourselves
We forgot to see

In the natural world lies the answers
It’s here where all healing starts
We need to mend our ties and reconnect
Reconnection of who we truly are

We are resilient foxes, hunting wolves and playing monkeys
We are the natural world
We are her eyes, her ears, her voice.

Photo by Konsta Punkka


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