How Starting a New Life in the South of Europe Changed My View on Food.

In this Spanish village where I live, it wasn’t toilet paper that people were stacking away during lockdown, as people did in the Netherlands, my native country. No, it was flour. Flour to bake bread, cakes and pizza. As we all had to stay in our houses and my only weekly visit was to the local supermarket, I felt suddenly there was an abundance of time. So, “let’s cook”, many fellow villagers must have thought (me included).

Like in all South-European countries, food is more than just food. It’s more than just adding fuel to our bodies. It’s a social act, an occasion to come together and spend hours eating, drinking and chatting. Not a quick cheese sandwich for lunch, but a warm home cooked meal, preferably served with a chilled glass of wine.

People here are taking the time to eat. 

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Con Amor,


Image: Ibiza Dalt Villa by Belinda Fewings

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