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  • Realizing dreams this summer

    Realizing dreams this summer

    It’s getting hotter each day now. The island shows busy beaches and more and more cars and holiday makers arrive every day. Pumping beats coming from the boats at sea, people wearing less clothes and sweaty sunburnt skin. This all means summer has started on Ibiza. The time already has arrived where you’d better plan […]

  • When I grow up I wanna be a Lío dancer!

    When I grow up I wanna be a Lío dancer!

    <Copyright Jorge Conexion> After the celebration of Lío’s 5th anniversary last Wednesday night I made up my mind. I’m going to be a Lío star in Ibiza! My my my! Is there anything more cool than being a dancer in Lío? I don’t think so. Situated in Ibiza’s port with a spectaculair view on Dalt […]

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