When I grow up I wanna be a Lío dancer!

<Copyright Jorge Conexion>

After the celebration of Lío’s 5th anniversary last Wednesday night I made up my mind. I’m going to be a Lío star in Ibiza! My my my! Is there anything more cool than being a dancer in Lío? I don’t think so.

Situated in Ibiza’s port with a spectaculair view on Dalt Vila you enter a fascinating world as soon as you roll into Lío’s arms. Magic awaits you and before you know you are spellbound by the luscious dancers and singers moving on stage that overlooks the city lights of Eivissa. Cabaret, dancing, singing, acrobatic acts, (male) pole dancing…Lío’s magical world is fun and oh oh so sexy. Best described as classy sexiness with a wink and a smile. I think the coolest of the whole fiësta was to see the big joy these talents have in doing what they do. So catching that before you know you wanna be a Lío dancer too and sing the stars from the heavens.

Three years ago I made a little mistake.. Enjoying some free days on Ibiza (first time on the white island!) with my man and the first evening after we arrived we went to Lío… me wearing flip flops, old t-shirt and shorts and hardly any make-up (just only some mascara I had put on in the early morning when we stepped on the plane to Ibiza). You probably can imagine – a woman does – that I just wished to get out of there the moment I saw what kind of venue this was and a bunch of gorgeous looking women standing at the entrance to welcome us, observing me thinking how on earth I could go to Lío looking like that! – which was yes… really shitty -. I didn’t have a clue where we were going. Actually it was my friend’s fault, he should have known as he knows all places on Ibiza and arranged a table for us. He even said it was okay going like that.. Oops! The worst thing was I did bring a perfect dress, just in case we would have gone out, but it was upstairs in my suitcase in the hotel in Dalt Vila and there was absolutely no time left to change outfit. Well, my man didn’t really see the problem and thought it was rather cool to go to such a place and ignore all rules of expectation. He grabbed me tight the moment I walked through Lío’s doors on my flip flops, passing the high heeled sexy ladies, and after I little while I pulled myself together and thought: to hell with you beautiful sexy people, I’m just gonna enjoy here in shabby shorts without my red lipstick, no matter what! And I – we – did and it was just a great evening!

Anyway, this Wednesday I got a second chance. This time I could wear something that fits the occassion. Yet, the people consisted of a nice mix of man and women. Young, old, some totally dresses up, others just casual and easy. The Ibiza way how I like it. All celebrating Lío’s 5th birthday with just as many glasses of cava as you wanted, getting lost into one amazing performance after another and in between some dancing at nice beats. All good. To finish it off a mega bar slowly appeared from the ground while Pink Floyd’s “we don’t need no education” blaring from the speakers. Sure, 5 years Lío on Ibiza deserves an unforgettable celebration! 🙂

The show was over and wishing to be just as exciting as hula hoop girl we went home. A nocturnal bike-ride from Benimussa Valley to Cala Tarida was still waiting for us. Biking home with an endless starry sky above you is one of the great things you can do on Ibiza. Okay, not that cool as performing like a Lío-dancer, but you can’t have everything in life and in my dreams I can be anything and anyone, right? Even hula hoop girl.

Thank you and congratulations Lío Ibiza!! More shows like that please. Don’t forget to take good care of your dancers; they are awesome!!



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