Soul searching..

Stuck at the airport at the moment. Flight to Ibiza has been delayed to 03:00 in the morning!! That means enough time for a new post!

I’m doing some soul searching lately and earlier in my notebook I wrote some words about why I am here, what my purpose in life is.

So why not sharing these notes on this blog? I’m still working on it, but I already know it should be something like this..

Alright then, here it comes:


I’m here to feel life 

in discovering the layers of my existence.

Travelling to my innerself, the soul I am

I’m finding her, almost there.


I’m here to make that connection 

in using intuitive power

and being receptive by letting go

trusting it’s okay, yes I am okay


I’m here to dance to the drums

of music within, the rhythm of life 

and surrender to inner and outer beauty

by seeing perfection in an imperfect world


I’m here to see the stars at night

letting the faraway light shine through,

knowing these little openings from heaven, 

like the Eskimo’s say, are the ones who live close to us


I’m here to love the man I love

for endless circles around that magical ball of fire

we walk together in plenty of sunshine and through rainy clouds

it all makes sense


I’m here to express truthful words

with joy and passion


I’m here to tell a story.. (and I’ll find that story)



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