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  • Joan Didion, the stylish writer.

    Joan Didion, the stylish writer.

    I’m reading her essays, the work of Joan Didion. The well-known American writer, novelist and journalist, who passed away last month. She was 87 years old and suffered from Parkinson. I heard from her before, but never read her essays or books. Why is it that people have to die first to get noticed — […]

  • Kindness.


    Sometimes you just need that feeling of support from those around you and those who believe in you. That what you do, makes sense. That what you do, is appreciated.  Last Monday I couldn’t travel to France as I felt ill. Headache, raw throat, feeling cold, having my period and feeling incredibly tired. I decided […]

  • Let’s Go Home. Unbreak Our Broken Relationship with Animals.

    Let’s Go Home. Unbreak Our Broken Relationship with Animals.

    If there’s one sentiment, one state of being, one need, that prevents us from learning and growing, it’s comfort. The modern human is addicted to comfort. That makes the fight against climate change and racial injustice so hard. Comfort, it’s the synonym for chicken soup.  At the moment I’m reading ‘Eating Animals’, a book by […]

  • 13 Quotes to Stir Up the Wild Woman Within {article on Elephant Journal}.

    13 Quotes to Stir Up the Wild Woman Within {article on Elephant Journal}.

    “If we surrendered to earth’s intelligence, we could rise up rooted, like trees.” ~ Rainer Maria Rilke Nervous breakdown Aged 30, Dr. Sharon Blackie, psychologist and mythologist, found herself weeping in the car park of the multinational corporation where she worked, wondering if this was what a nervous breakdown felt like. Somewhere along the line, […]

  • Raif Badawi and the Happy Shares on Social Media

    Raif Badawi and the Happy Shares on Social Media

    Did you ever notice that when you post something on social media that isn’t a holiday picture, a gorgeous sunset, a selfie, your baby or cat, your fitness workout/yoga or you in a cool restaurant/club, your active friends/followers become all of a sudden quiet? You hardly get any “likes” or comments? It’s oh so quiet..shh […]

  • Value Beyond Money.

    Value Beyond Money.

    How old beliefs can sabotage our most beautiful life. It’s hard work to change our beliefs, even if we know they fit the life we’re living much better and that they make us a happier and a nicer person.

  • Conversations With The Stars

    Conversations With The Stars

    A girl sits in the window, staring into the sleepless night. There’s a heaven full of stars. Some of them are shining so bright, like they want her to be known. The moment before she was looking into an old photo album with photographs of her family. A picture of her mother when she was […]

  • enigma : poem

    enigma : poem

    when you look down from heavenly clouds see the small stroll around pick up their breakable spirits some battling for land and their traditions others just praying for time ☆ how must it be observing what you shaped with love wondering how it came that far this beautiful earth do we have time? ☆ going […]

  • friday poem: the wild

    friday poem: the wild

    you’re wandering through forests and mountains like a restless soul without them life is ordinary — you find meaning in being into the wild withdrawing yourself from the pale world only then life is running through your veins like an overflowing river only there you see clarity in all things around you — by immersing […]

  • The stillness of Ibiza winter

    The stillness of Ibiza winter

    Ibiza Summer is in full swing, it has that great dynamics and vibrant atmosphere, but it’s also damn busy with loads of tourists and cars. A few days ago I walked in the hills near our home and only one runner (you must be crazy running with the sun burning on your sweaty skin!) passed […]