13 Quotes to Stir Up the Wild Woman Within {article on Elephant Journal}.

“If we surrendered to earth’s intelligence, we could rise up rooted, like trees.” ~ Rainer Maria Rilke

Nervous breakdown

Aged 30, Dr. Sharon Blackie, psychologist and mythologist, found herself weeping in the car park of the multinational corporation where she worked, wondering if this was what a nervous breakdown felt like. Somewhere along the line, she realised, she had lost herself and so began her long journey back to authenticity, rootedness in place and belonging, says the description of her book “If women rose rooted.”

It happens every now and then; you’re reading a book and right from the first page it speaks to you. From the beginning to the end and beyond, you and this book are best friends. It’s comforting and it’s impossible to put away.

Deep wisdom

If women rose rooted” by Dr. Sharon Blackie is such a book. It’s a deep mythological book, like the classic “Women who run with the wolves” by Jungian analyst Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés. I read it last year and I will read it again this year. The wisdom she shares in this book is mind-blowing. Sometimes it reads like poetry; it wants to tell you something, something that lies deep down and we never took the time to listen until now.

Every woman, with or without a corporate job, being a mother or childless, in a relationship, married or single and regardless where she is on her path, this book helps to find back which was lost along the way. It’s about female strength, about heroines in cultures and history who have been forgotten in our Western society and whose stories are lost.

There are times I feel the urge to nourish my soul with profound wisdom, rather than eating cake, crisps, and chocolate, to find peace and consolation. This book gives me both comfort and the courage to look deeply into my life and the state of Mother Earth.

By this book I started to think about my journey, a “Heroine’s Journey,” as Blackie calls it. I started this journey some years ago when I left my legal profession behind and moved to a Mediterranean island with my love, because we wanted to live simply, with the values that were more aligned with whom we were.

On the way, I took some turns to find out I still wasn’t doing the work that truly meant something to me. I started to write, we moved to an ecological tiny home that my partner constructed for us, and I learned about plant-based food—these were the few things that changed my perspectives. I’m still on my way.

Weak moments & baked potatoes

Somehow this book opened my eyes to find more truth and meaning in my life. It’s certainly not the path society carved out for me. There are weak moments I heavily doubt our minimalist lifestyle, which feels uncomfortable at times. (not in the article: This last week I was overwhelmed by doubts and the negative feelings about myself, that I’m not enough and that kind of bullshit. I know I can reach out to some dear and wise friends, my family and my sweet man, but somehow I can’t even explain it to myself, so I rather go through it and find consolation in books and warm hugs and baked potatoes on the woodfire by Dorus (instead of the bag of crisps ;-). I’m lucky that I have so much love around me.

Such blue days are followed by days when I find myself in utter happiness and gratefulness for the choices we’ve made together so far.

Let me share some of Blackie’s wisdom by means of these thought-provoking quotes from her book and let it be of benefit for those women who are looking for authenticity and belonging in their lives.

“To change the world, we women need first to change ourselves — and then we need to change the stories we tell about who we are. The stories we’ve been living by for the past few centuries — the stories of male superiority, of progress and growth and domination — don’t serve women and they certainly don’t serve the planet.”

Would you like to read the rest of the breath-taking quotes? Click here !

Con Amor desde Mallorca,


Author: Eva De Vor

Dutch writer and blogger, who previously worked as a jurist/legal counsel in the Netherlands. I chose to live my life on the sunny Balearic Islands in simplicity, with respect to our beautiful planet, together with my soulmate, rescue cat and a bunch of chickens. EVALUNES has been created to share my writings about the things I care. I write with love. Con Amor. Always.

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