Moods & Words #3

the old, narrow streets of Palma
its terracotta coloured houses
bay windows and tangled wires
I won’t see a way out

there are days I wish to get lost,
roam around a place I have never been
to discover its secrets and well kept history,
drink coffee in an ancient cafe
with homemade almond cake
yes please, pour me another cup

I walk to the majestic cathedral
along the bishop’s gardens
the hidden Arabic baths
the Gothic fishermen’s market
I imagine the busyness of the merchants
five hundred years ago

the vivid terraces, mouth watering bakeries and Mediterranean restaurants
they color the city’s walls
the clean Hugo Boss, over priced Luis Vuitton and elegant Max Mara
they settled down here too
and I won’t blame them for that

strolling down the narrow streets, tasting the finest Italian ice cream
soaking up the city vibes and the surrounding sea air
I’m like a child in a sweet shop
happy to have finally met you, Palma

Con Amor,


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Photo credits:

Instagram: @latxina (woman in black and hands with flowers)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This is a new series called “Moods & Words”, in which I create small moodboards and short poems. Hope you like it!

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