We’re going through changes. Right now {Poem}

A world that has stopped turning madly,
where the only people who have to hurry now, are the doctors and nurses.

Their faces in pain of the tight masks they’re wearing
Their bodies tired of the long hours they’re making
Their hearts bleeding by carrying a heavy load
Day in and day out, who knows.

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Moods & Words #3

the old, narrow streets of Palma
its terracotta coloured houses
bay windows and tangled wires
I won’t see a way out

there are days I wish to get lost,
roam around a place I have never been
to discover its secrets and well kept history,
drink coffee in an ancient cafe
with homemade almond cake
yes please, pour me another cup

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Albatross Child {Poem}

I’m watching the magical albatrossWith her fluffy coat and clumpsy stepWaiting for the time to spread her majestic wingsLifted by the wind to cross the endless ocean Starting life on her ownThis adorable albatross childWith her stomach full of sadness I’m watching the albatrossHer brothers and sisters are sufferingUntil death releases them from their pain…

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