We’re going through changes. Right now {Poem}

A world that has stopped turning madly,
where the only people who have to hurry now,
are the doctors and nurses

Their faces in pain of the tight masks they’re wearing
Their bodies tired of the long hours they’re making
Their hearts bleeding by carrying a heavy load
Day in and day out, who knows

Friends or enemies, it doesn’t matter anymore
Immigrants or nationalists,
Activists or silent warriors,
CEO, “bossbabe” or wanderer of life
What the hell is the difference anyway?

Winners or losers,
Kings or peasants,
Black or white,
Left, middle or right,
We all have hopes and fears
We have hearts that will break at some point
We have life and life is fragile as hell
No exceptions

We are unadorned and free
This is our new reality
Country’s borders no longer relevant
The place of our baby crib
No prerogative

We’re going through changes
We’re going through fear, making space
for creativity, alertness and aliveness
Rediscovering nature’s comfort and strength
She’s willing to give so much
And it’s up to us to receive her gifts
These are the foundations we must build on,
not to destroy

We’re going through changes right now
From “doing” to “being”
From a rushing world to a world standing still
Alone in our homes
We’re going through the discomfort and loneliness
to connection and togetherness

Status. Success. Money on the bank. Belongings.
It feels secure. It’s fun. But it’s not all
What about starting community-gardens
Growing our own food
Making connections with local farmers
Becoming self-sustainable
Building communities
Because we can’t do it all on our own
A new security, a new validation, a new appreciation has born
There’s a new embracing of those who have always been there

There’s a shift in the world going on
It exposes our vulnerability, our weak systems and stupidities
It evokes compassion and creativity
It brings strong, helping hands, because we can’t do it all on our own
It’s a time of utter chaos and many of us are rowing through this stormy river with fear in their hearts
Maybe each of us can find some meaning in all of this
Maybe we learn to be alone, to gain strength from the simple things around us
Maybe even we find joy in the things we do
Maybe finally we get some rest

Con Amor,



  1. Eva, great words full of hope, full of future and fixing an aim what can be reached – staying together after Corona in families, in friendships and communities with common senses.

    Take care – greetings from cologne.

    Liked by 1 person

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