Stay True in Difficult Times? Watch Mooji’s Talk on Fear.

The comforting and powerful words of spiritual teacher, Mooji, feel like warm sunbeams touching my skin. They bring consolation and softness to my room. It’s always a pleasure to listen to Mooji’s calm voice and to look into his brown, friendly eyes. Restlessness slowly softens and disappears to the background as I listen to this heartfelt talk.

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We’re going through changes. Right now {Poem}

A world that has stopped turning madly,
where the only people who have to hurry now, are the doctors and nurses.

Their faces in pain of the tight masks they’re wearing
Their bodies tired of the long hours they’re making
Their hearts bleeding by carrying a heavy load
Day in and day out, who knows.

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Worry Woman or Warrior Woman?

October is the time trees let go their leaves to save strength and energy. Leaves are falling to protect its life; the tree lets go in order to live. It can hardly be a coincidence that this meaningful month in nature is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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