Stay True in Difficult Times? Watch Mooji’s Talk on Fear.

“Today we are simply human. Political and religious differences, it doesn’t matter.”

The comforting and powerful words of spiritual teacher, Mooji, feel like warm sunbeams touching my skin. They bring consolation and softness to my room. It’s always a pleasure to listen to Mooji’s calm voice and to look into his brown, friendly eyes. Restlessness slowly softens and disappears to the background as I listen to this heartfelt talk.

What does matter, is the understanding that we are one. Especially now the whole world is at home, Mooji starts his message to those who are willing to listen.

“In these times we are one. Today we have to put aside the superficial differences. There’s simply no time for them.”

Mooji touches the endless fear the human soul has been impregnated with. These days, when we are in the midst of a global health crisis that underlines the merciless fragility of life, many of us are fearful.

Fear seems to imprison us throughout our whole lives: fear to be left alone, fear of becoming sick, fear of death, fear of losing work, money and belongings. Fear paralyses, not only in these challenging times. It’s a bunch of negativity that enters our minds if we don’t become more conscious of who we truly are. Fear is not our true nature, as Mooji explains, but love is.

We are sick; our world is sick.

“Why fear comes, is because we have moved away from our central nature and we don’t realize this.”

Mooji sees this current global crisis – caused by the outbreak of Covid-19 – as an opportunity to let our energies go inwards and to grow inwardly. He calls it “heartward”.

“Now is the time to awaken to discover what is real about us, what is true and what is here. Within us, in our pure nature, there is a place of real stillness, peace, depth and beauty and that is far beyond the world of fearfulness and insecurities and all the ailments that trouble our species, human beings, today.”

Watch this touching and encouraging talk of how to discover our true selves, our true nature and true spirit, we may have lost along the way.

Let’s keep these warm words close to our heart and don’t let them slip away, when this too has passed.

Remember to keep our heads cool and our hearts warm in difficult times.

Con Amor,


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