After-Corona Hippy Blur.

We will have a new world, when we can leave this crisis behind us: more humane, more conscious.

Now is the time to shape a conscious world in which we treat all beings with compassion.

All over the world we are sent to our rooms to think about what we have done to our planet.

The hippy in me fully embraced these messages of hope and positivity that float around on social media lately about the current COVID-19 pandemic.

I have even seen some of them written down by serious journalists, who write for serious magazines.

I have to say, I love to think this way. I love to dream, to have hope and be positive.

But where does it come from? Who invented these ideas? Is it, because I have read it so many times, I have almost started to believe them, like a sort of indoctrination? Or is it to protect myself to be hurt, to really feel what’s going on here?

The lawyer in me says, wait a minute here. What proof do we have to think this way? Why will this new, conscious world be a result of this COVID-19 pandemic? This new world, in which we think twice before we purchase a plane ticket and we no longer want to support the unsustainable and unethical way animals are held in mega stalls.

Because that’s what happens as soon as we get conscious of our painful human behavior: we quit flying three times a year to whatever destination we like, and we refuse to eat cheap supermarket-meat, as we are aware of the risks of zoonoses. Because, that’s what brought us into this misery in the first place: the pandemic was caused by zoonotic disease: animal disease transmissible to humans.

In 2015, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) warned against the unprecedented increase of emerging and re-emerging animal diseases and zoonoses. Most zoonoses are transmitted as a result of the consumption of animals. An important fact we can’t no longer ignore.

Any conscious human in our new, after-Corona world won’t fly to Bali for a self-loving yoga retreat and starts gathering information about plant-based food — and if we have a garden, maybe even grow our own vegetables.

The lawyer-me says that these are just a bunch of fairytales.

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Con Amor,


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