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  • One Health.

    One Health.

    Damn, where is this going to? The Netherlands back in lockdown. Yes, it makes you feel down when you think of the small businesses, the folks working in hospitality,  theatres, healthcare, the constant loneliness, insecurity and fear that is pumping through young and old bodies. Exactly one year ago, I was in the Netherlands for […]

  • 6 Ways to Rewild Yourself Now.

    6 Ways to Rewild Yourself Now.

    As David Attenborough said in his latest nature documentary A Life on Our Planet: “WE MUST RE-WILD OUR WORLD”. Watching his witness statement of today’s natural world, Attenborough demonstrates the planet’s wilderness and biodiversity are rapidly declining, and it’s shocking proof.

  • Here’s To…YOU.

    Here’s To…YOU.

    Only a couple of hours and 2020 is over! It has been a year with many, unprecedented challenges. Probably for everyone who reads this.  Yet, I have seen beauty amidst the misery; misery that I encountered in the articles I read and the images I saw and the conspiracies people flung into the world. Sadness […]

  • New home in rural Mallorca.

    New home in rural Mallorca.

    The year 2020, it’s a dramatic year so far. My wish to retreat to a peaceful place and to be disconnected for a while is present. In fact, we (my man and I) have found such a place and each time I’m there, I feel more free and safe than ever before. A freedom which […]

  • The Painful Contrasts in Today’s World.

    The Painful Contrasts in Today’s World.

    We live in an exceptional contrasting world. Unlike power and vulnerability which, if practiced consciously, strengthens each other, the contrasting forces in our world weakens the whole and therefore some important issues, such as climate breakdown and health, aren’t getting any easier to solve.

  • After-Corona Hippy Blur.

    After-Corona Hippy Blur.

    Why do we think we will live in a new, conscious world after the COVID-19 pandemic will be over? This new after-Corona world people talk about on social media. Is it true? Hippy-me and lawyer-me are speaking up in this article.