New home in rural Mallorca.

The year 2020, it’s a dramatic year so far. My wish to retreat to a peaceful place and to be disconnected for a while is present. In fact, we (my man and I) have found such a place and each time I’m there, I feel more free and safe than ever before. A freedom which I haven’t felt for a long time. Although it’s just a dry strip of land with an old little shed, olive trees, fig trees, and more, I can see with some imagination that it’s possible to make something beautiful here.

Peace of mind

A few weeks ago, we went to the notary — all wearing masks — to sign for this piece of land in rural Mallorca where we have begun to build a tiny home for the two of us. It was a step, but I believe it’s the right one for us, as we can finally work on a place for ourselves. Somehow the decision to purchase this land has given me peace of mind and it made an end to the uncertain feelings which could gnaw at me at times since the moment we emigrated to Ibiza six years ago. This new project even made my sleep better and less restless. There’s lots to do and at the end of each — hot summer — day I’m exhausted of shovelling rocks after Dorus’ digging to create space for his ‘earthship’ design.


Yes, it feels like an escape, this little piece of land in an isolated area, but still very close to our ‘eco’ friends and not far from the village. I could never have imagined I would live in such a rural area. Last Saturday an older couple living next to our land had invited us for homemade pizzas and wine at their place. An Argentinian couple in their eighties. It was a long and such a cozy evening. The fierce lady of the house even made me a glutenfree and vegan pizza, isn’t that sweet?!

My wish to create our own place where we don’t have to ask for permission to change or make something and where we are free, has never been so big. Our living situation since we landed on Mallorca isn’t the most ideal and often lacks privacy. It’s sweet, a little girl jumping around in the garden, opening the window, sticking in her head, to have a little chat with us and goes off again, but to say we have complete privacy, no. Privacy is such a great thing.

Also last year when we lived in our tiny home in the ecological centre, Casita Verde, I felt we didn’t have complete privacy. People could be standing at the doorstep wanting to talk with us, sometimes it felt like we were living in a museum. So, my wish for privacy has become huge and each time I’m on our piece of land, what will become our new home, I feel thankful to finally enjoy this valuable thing again. 

I have to be patient and know that each stone we will move, gets us closer to our goal.

The garden will be a little paradise with plants and flowers, lots of lavender for sure! The other day I spotted a mama bird patiently sitting on her cute mint-blue eggs in one of the pomegranate trees. Last week Dorus made a start with preparing the soil for a vegetable garden next year. 


Meanwhile our plans to organise Sustainable Living Courses in spring have been totally shattered due to the pandemic, but we will continue, although they won’t be held in the Resilience Centre (RC) as we had planned before. Finally, after long discussions in the past months, the sky had cleared. Due to legal and personal reasons our friend and owner of the place, Luis, decided not to use his place for the courses. It has been an interesting experience to have had the discussions and to try to develop an eco community and centre together, but it’s certainly not easy. Clear communication is key. Also we had to give up the idea of building pallet tiny homes in the RC. Dorus has finished the first one and it will be the first and last one at this place. 

Right before the lockdown our friends, Howard and Nicky, travelled back to the UK, but couldn’t return to Mallorca. Only our friend Vanessa is here, together with Luis. Although you can’t really speak of an eco community at the moment, on weekdays and often on Saturdays we come together to cook and have lunch at the centre.

In October our group will organise a Sustainable Living Course in Howard’s home near Bordeaux in France. We are working on a new website for our courses: Green Gorillas. More about that soon!

Con Amor,



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