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  • Belonging as a Wild Woman.

    Belonging as a Wild Woman.

    I just finished a book called “Belonging” by Toko-pa Turner. The title of the book spoke to me, as the theme belonging is beautiful, tricky and so universal. As humans, we all want to belong. Belong to a group, culture, a partner, place, a home. Messy The title spoke to me, because the past two […]

  • A Taste of French Life, Green Gorillas in Autumn, and my Return Home.

    A Taste of French Life, Green Gorillas in Autumn, and my Return Home.

    Sometimes coming home is not as good as you hoped it would be. Coming back to the island however, it surely was. When I arrived last Wednesday by ferry early in the morning in Palma and my feet stepped on Mediterranean soil again, I felt butterflies in my stomach. Somehow I feel I belong to […]

  • New home in rural Mallorca.

    New home in rural Mallorca.

    The year 2020, it’s a dramatic year so far. My wish to retreat to a peaceful place and to be disconnected for a while is present. In fact, we (my man and I) have found such a place and each time I’m there, I feel more free and safe than ever before. A freedom which […]

  • Good Byes and New Beginnings.

    Good Byes and New Beginnings.

    I prefer to see the good in perhaps not the best experiences and in people who have shown their true colors. Also after working for opportunistic company owners on Ibiza whose only interests were money and image. Even when living in an ecological community where only one person, who lacks empathy and makes all decisions, […]