Here’s To…YOU.

Only a couple of hours and 2020 is over! It has been a year with many, unprecedented challenges.

Probably for everyone who reads this. 

Yet, I have seen beauty amidst the misery; misery that I encountered in the articles I read and the images I saw and the conspiracies people flung into the world. Sadness that could creep under my skin.

Here’s to….

The immense human creativity that emerged in all corners of the world

Doctors, nurses, health care professionals and all those working in public and mental health and nursery homes, who finally gained the appreciation they deserve (they’re still waiting for more government money though..)

Smoggy air that turned into cleaner skies

Polluted rivers that slowly changed into clearer waters


Wild horses in the streets of Sarajevo

Wandering deer in the forests during daylight

Turtles safely laying their eggs at closed beaches


Being outside, people taking walks


The cats, dogs and other pets that accompanied us when we had to stay in our homes

Family and friends who supported us during hard times

Dancing at home

Movies and books that helped us through

Honoring the land

Love from our partners (in crime 😉

A renewed appreciation for the small things in life


Knowing ourselves 

Knowing our world

Leaving the chaos behind

Here’s to…

A happy & healthy NEW YEAR!!

Con Amor,


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