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  • Taking back control.

    Taking back control.

    Life is good on Mallorca this January month. The days are sunny and soft, mostly 13 or 14 degrees Celsius, it feels like a mild spring, like always this time of year. But the nights are cold. Colder than other years and colder than when we lived on Ibiza. It’s around freezing temperatures and when […]

  • Here’s To…YOU.

    Here’s To…YOU.

    Only a couple of hours and 2020 is over! It has been a year with many, unprecedented challenges. Probably for everyone who reads this.  Yet, I have seen beauty amidst the misery; misery that I encountered in the articles I read and the images I saw and the conspiracies people flung into the world. Sadness […]

  • Moody.


    When I look in the mirror and see my hair getting more grey lately, I can’t say I find it charming anymore. When I open the tap and there’s no water running, as the water pump has been turned off again, I can’t say it doesn’t matter anymore. When I try to find some summer […]

  • Moving house makes me sad.

    Moving house makes me sad.

    Moving house makes me sad. This is only my fifth time in my 43-year-old life. When I gave up my home for another one, excitement have always been followed by waves of sadness. Just like it is now.The waves were high today, it stormed and I had difficulties to keep my head above water. On […]

  • Thunder


    Decided by a merciless twist of fate a tragedy that burdens my heart that you’re gone too soon it makes me realize we’re not invincible we are damn vulnerable we can lose the ones we love all of a sudden it scares the hell out of me. Heavily rain fell from the sky yesterday there […]