Decided by a merciless twist of fate

a tragedy that burdens my heart

that you’re gone too soon

it makes me realize

we’re not invincible

we are damn vulnerable

we can lose the ones we love

all of a sudden

it scares the hell out of me.

Heavily rain fell from the sky yesterday

there was a coldness in the air

there was thunder and lightning

dark clouds filled heavens

That’s what losing you must feel like

to your beloved ones who miss you

Rest in Peace, our beautiful “Amigo”

The stairs on the beach will never look the same

Tonight heaven cries and thunder returns

Sad news this week…a great guy (“Amigo”) I knew died in a car accident here on Ibiza last Monday evening. He got married a month ago. My man and I knew him from the beach-restaurant Ses Eufabies where he worked during the Summer and which is very close to our home. He was one of the reasons we loved to go there. Such a lovable guy who brought many smiles on each visitor’s face. It doesn’t matter we weren’t close friends. He won’t be there anymore.

Happenings like this shake me up and make me realize how I cherish my life and those in it. We better make our lives into wonderful lives. Don’t forget to have the time of your life.

With love & sadness,




  1. I am sorry for your loss, just because we don’t know someone personal does not mean that we don’t care for them. There are people we encounter on a regular basis that somehow we never really know but they do become part of our world. A beautiful poem along with a beautiful sentiment.


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