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  • What health means (to me).

    What health means (to me).

    Peace, war, sickness and health, it’s all happening. More than 2000 km away there is ravage and death. Lost humans and homeless animals in stifling fear. It’s surreal to realise that battle field isn’t extremely far from our safe houses. In the meantime I have been to my motherland to be there for — and […]

  • Just a few fields away.

    Just a few fields away.

    The neighbour on his search for wild asparagus a day ago, he also found you. Just a few fields away from our house, you were there all along. It feels like a punch in the gut to see this dead cat body, cold, lying in full sunshine. Sweet soul — yes, animals have souls too […]

  • Lessons on grief after I lost my dad.

    Lessons on grief after I lost my dad.

    This December it will be twenty years ago since I lost my dad to leukemia. Snowflakes fell down from heaven the day we buried him. For a second the white world looked serene and pure; harmless even. I still remember how unreal it felt and how overwhelmed and lost I was. I couldn’t speak when […]

  • How our human experiences connect us.

    How our human experiences connect us.

    Why sending hearts to a grieving, distant friend isn’t stupid. Last December a friend of ours lost his wife to cancer. She was only 48 years old. Some years ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She recovered from this nasty disease, incredibly relieved and grateful she could finally close this black chapter in their […]

  • Conversations With The Stars

    Conversations With The Stars

    A girl sits in the window, staring into the sleepless night. There’s a heaven full of stars. Some of them are shining so bright, like they want her to be known. The moment before she was looking into an old photo album with photographs of her family. A picture of her mother when she was […]

  • Thunder


    Decided by a merciless twist of fate a tragedy that burdens my heart that you’re gone too soon it makes me realize we’re not invincible we are damn vulnerable we can lose the ones we love all of a sudden it scares the hell out of me. Heavily rain fell from the sky yesterday there […]