Just a few fields away.

The neighbour on his search for wild asparagus a day ago, he also found you.

Just a few fields away from our house, you were there all along.

It feels like a punch in the gut to see this dead cat body, cold, lying in full sunshine.

Sweet soul — yes, animals have souls too — we will get you home. 

To our garden, between the flowers and plants.

I feel tears in my stomach.

That’s where deep sadness always goes.

I forgot, it burns and leaves empty.

Animals are our friends.

Like us, they feel, they guard, they comfort.

Animals communicate,

Even make up names for the people they live with (chickens…yes, it’s true).

We can do so much better in acknowledging animals for who they are, and stop killing them for profit and food.

This blind spot is cutting deep.

We will pay the price.

We will pay the price.

Planet and people, both will pay with our health.

Let’s stop with our human stupidities, with our belief in everlasting growth.

We can do so much better.

This is health:

H umans

E cosystems

A nimals

L iving

T ogether

H armoniously.

I connect the death of our beloved pet to how we treat animals in the ‘inhumane’ industry.

I feel we have to make the connection of how we love our cats and dogs, and still give our support to factory farmed meat.

My heart cries for the lifeless animal body I found today, just a few fields away.

But it also cries for all the others.

My sweet cat soul, you are connected to all the others.

To me you are. 

Rest in peace, sweet animal. 

I continue to hope that more and more people will become aware of what an animal really is and what happens to animals in terms of injustice, violence, manipulation, pure denial and humiliation. And people can become aware of this when they open up their inner self, when they look with the eyes of their soul. 

That people start to see in a new way, that they become aware of the intrinsic value of an animal, will not be the result of rational arguments, of studies and reports, discussions and debates. However necessary and valuable these may be, they are not enough.

What changes people, not only in this respect, not only when it comes to animals, changes them internally, for the better — what makes people more humane, more social, it is always a moment, a totally unexpected moment of emotion, profound emotion. Just think about how something, someone touched you to the depths of your soul.

Moments of emotion, profound emotion, they can occur anywhere. You will lose yourself, lose and find yourself in the eyes, the wise eyes of a horse, a donkey. Or you look like that man in his car, in a traffic jam, next to a cattle truck full of animals, in the eyes of a pig. Or rather, it was only one eye. One eye with one major question: Why, why? He could not have been hit any deeper. Everything inside him opened up, an expansion of consciousness that radically changed his life.

I continue to hope that more and more people, who are still blind in their vision, will understand what animals really are and what happens to them. Every human being is eligible — for such a moment of emotion, enlightenment, awareness. Every human being is no less than a human being.” ~ Hans Bouma, Dutch poet, vicar and animal rights activist. 

Con Amor,


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