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  • What health means (to me).

    What health means (to me).

    Peace, war, sickness and health, it’s all happening. More than 2000 km away there is ravage and death. Lost humans and homeless animals in stifling fear. It’s surreal to realise that battle field isn’t extremely far from our safe houses. In the meantime I have been to my motherland to be there for — and […]

  • Just a few fields away.

    Just a few fields away.

    The neighbour on his search for wild asparagus a day ago, he also found you. Just a few fields away from our house, you were there all along. It feels like a punch in the gut to see this dead cat body, cold, lying in full sunshine. Sweet soul — yes, animals have souls too […]

  • 6 Ways to Rewild Yourself Now.

    6 Ways to Rewild Yourself Now.

    As David Attenborough said in his latest nature documentary A Life on Our Planet: “WE MUST RE-WILD OUR WORLD”. Watching his witness statement of today’s natural world, Attenborough demonstrates the planet’s wilderness and biodiversity are rapidly declining, and it’s shocking proof.

  • The Painful Contrasts in Today’s World.

    The Painful Contrasts in Today’s World.

    We live in an exceptional contrasting world. Unlike power and vulnerability which, if practiced consciously, strengthens each other, the contrasting forces in our world weakens the whole and therefore some important issues, such as climate breakdown and health, aren’t getting any easier to solve.

  • Caring for Earth & Our Bodies like the Temples they Are {column on Elephant Journal}.

    Caring for Earth & Our Bodies like the Temples they Are {column on Elephant Journal}.

    The human body, it’s a miracle. Our body is not only our vehicle and outer shell, it’s also a mysterious whole of particles, body cells, and star stuff, a place where secrets live. There’s still uncharted terrain when it comes to the human body. We still have questions about our bodies that no scientist or […]

  • My Powerful and Simple Antidote to an Overwhelmed Mind {column Elephant Journal}.

    My Powerful and Simple Antidote to an Overwhelmed Mind {column Elephant Journal}.

    The week has started well: a new publication on Elephant Journal 🐘 “…the cold iron and hard rubber of a thing that keeps me moving and balanced…” Read it here ♡ Hearts and comments on the article page and / or shares are welcome when you might feel inspired 🙂 Con Amor, Eva

  • It’s So Unfair.

    It’s So Unfair.

    Why is it that some of us have so much on their plates? Not in the sense of work or activities. No, I mean too much as in loss, pain and grief.

  • Worry Woman or Warrior Woman?

    Worry Woman or Warrior Woman?

    October is the time trees let go their leaves to save strength and energy. Leaves are falling to protect its life; the tree lets go in order to live. It can hardly be a coincidence that this meaningful month in nature is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

  • Storm in a Mooncup.

    Storm in a Mooncup.

    To insert the cup was rather easy, but little did I know what was ahead of me later that day when I wanted to remove the menstrual cup to empty and clean it. Probably I inserted it too deep, because removing the thing seems impossible.

  • Bodies & Minds

    Bodies & Minds

    So here they are, the last hours of 2017. The last week has been beautiful and sunny on this island. Perfect days to walk on the beach to get some fresh air, the wind in my hair and contemplating this year that is almost history now. Love your body With a head of thoughts and daydreams […]