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  • Just a few fields away.

    Just a few fields away.

    The neighbour on his search for wild asparagus a day ago, he also found you. Just a few fields away from our house, you were there all along. It feels like a punch in the gut to see this dead cat body, cold, lying in full sunshine. Sweet soul — yes, animals have souls too […]

  • Joan Didion, the stylish writer.

    Joan Didion, the stylish writer.

    I’m reading her essays, the work of Joan Didion. The well-known American writer, novelist and journalist, who passed away last month. She was 87 years old and suffered from Parkinson. I heard from her before, but never read her essays or books. Why is it that people have to die first to get noticed — […]

  • 7 Tips to be more Resilient, Self-Sustainable and Free People.

    7 Tips to be more Resilient, Self-Sustainable and Free People.

    If the COVID-19 crisis hadn’t started one year ago, we wouldn’t have discovered how fragile our systems, such as economy, healthcare, food and livelihood, are. Also, in my case, I wouldn’t have recognized how life on the countryside is the best what happened to me. In fact, I have become very grateful to live on […]

  • Lessons on grief after I lost my dad.

    Lessons on grief after I lost my dad.

    This December it will be twenty years ago since I lost my dad to leukemia. Snowflakes fell down from heaven the day we buried him. For a second the white world looked serene and pure; harmless even. I still remember how unreal it felt and how overwhelmed and lost I was. I couldn’t speak when […]

  • It’s So Unfair.

    It’s So Unfair.

    Why is it that some of us have so much on their plates? Not in the sense of work or activities. No, I mean too much as in loss, pain and grief.