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  • An eco warrior interview by Marlot Cathalina.

    An eco warrior interview by Marlot Cathalina.

    A few weeks ago I had the honour of being interviewed for a new Dutch blog about eco warriors, adventurers and free spirits. Seven years ago I met Marlot, founder of the blog, in Casita Verde, an ecological community, on Ibiza. Dorus and I were living here for two months and Marlot used to live […]

  • De Nuchtere Boerin, Mallorca, en Haar Wereldse, Onbevangen Zusje, Ibiza {Dutch}

    De Nuchtere Boerin, Mallorca, en Haar Wereldse, Onbevangen Zusje, Ibiza {Dutch}

    Deze twee zuster-eilanden zijn als dag en nacht. Waar het ene zusje de boho-queen en de artistieke, hedonistische, zwevende vrijheidsliefhebber is, niet zelden in een witte Range Rover, is het andere zusje, back to basics, stevig met twee benen op de grond, en doet zich niet beter voor dan ze is; ze durft echt te zijn, neemt niet meer, maar zeker ook niet minder plaats in, is no-nonsense en rijdt in een oude pick-up of op een snelle racefiets.

  • A No-Nonsense Island to Love.

    A No-Nonsense Island to Love.

    These past weeks we are working on what will become our new home. Days consist of digging and shovelling rocks, but with many breaks, as the Mediterranean sun shines powerfully this time of year and it makes it all really, really sweaty.  Although I don’t know the island well yet, Mallorca is a place to […]

  • Onrecht om van te janken. {Dutch}

    Onrecht om van te janken. {Dutch}

    “I have come to believe over and over again that what is most important to me must be spoken, made verbal and shared, even at the risk of having it bruised or misunderstood.” ~ Audre Lorde  Nog krap een week en we komen aan bij de langste dag van het jaar. Er valt bar weinig […]

  • This Way Of Life.

    This Way Of Life.

    We live in a tiny home on wheels. Energy to charge our devices is generated by the sun. All our water is harvested from the rain that falls on the roof. We warm ourselves by the fire of a rocket stove. We don’t eat animals. We have bad WiFi. It may sound drastically and extreme. […]

  • Magical Owl.

    Magical Owl.

    Yesterday, the first day of December, felt quite unreal to me. Firstly, because it’s the last month of 2019 before another year (and decade!) will start, a year with some big changes ahead, both at an individual and a collective level. Secondly, we have two more weeks left on the island before we move to […]

  • Good Byes and New Beginnings.

    Good Byes and New Beginnings.

    I prefer to see the good in perhaps not the best experiences and in people who have shown their true colors. Also after working for opportunistic company owners on Ibiza whose only interests were money and image. Even when living in an ecological community where only one person, who lacks empathy and makes all decisions, […]

  • Ups and Downs.

    Ups and Downs.

    Somehow the last weeks are intense. I’m tired and could sleep all day. I know a large part has to do with the scorching heat in July and August, the constant sweating which is exhausting. I should know by now after five summers on Ibiza that my energy levels drop tremendously, but I always seem […]

  • A Sustainable Message From Paradise.

    A Sustainable Message From Paradise.

    Almost everyone has experience with a person, co-worker, manager etc. who takes every opportunity to tell how busy he or she is, complains about it all the time, repeating the same over and over again, talks a lot (while in that time he or she could have done another task of the never ending list) […]

  • Less is More. Why tiny house life is the future.

    Less is More. Why tiny house life is the future.

    I love watching these videos on youtube: Living Big In A Tiny House. The tiny homes are amazing and it’s fun to hear the stories behind them. It has been a while now, but some months ago we spent our sunday nights watching these inspiring videos and stories for hours in a row. I guess […]