An eco warrior interview by Marlot Cathalina.

A few weeks ago I had the honour of being interviewed for a new Dutch blog about eco warriors, adventurers and free spirits.

Seven years ago I met Marlot, founder of the blog, in Casita Verde, an ecological community, on Ibiza. Dorus and I were living here for two months and Marlot used to live in Casita Verde as well, before our time in 2014. I still remember how she embraced me full of enthusiasm, the first time we met; quite unusual in our own, down-to-earth, country. Both Dutch we had things in common. 

Marlot lived on a classic sailboat for six years together with her partner Hugo, el capitán, from Argentina. With Once Upon A Boat they organised sailing tours around Ibiza and her dreamy little sister, Formentera. Once we booked a sail-trip with them and took our friends and family on their classic boat to the crystal clear, blue waters of Formentera. And one summer-day we were so lucky to be invited on their sailboat for a video-shoot (we were in it, see below:)

When I speak of minimalists, Marlot and Hugo are the first people I think of, they truly lived the minimalist and wild way with a minimum amount of stuff and “having showers” in the sea to save up water on the boat.

When I told her the end of 2019 that we were planning to move to Mallorca, she and Hugo were thinking to change course, sell the boat, and Mallorca was on their mind for their next adventure as well.

They bought a sweet home on rural Mallorca with gardens and chickens, one village in between. Such a miracle! They exchanged boat-life for a rural life. Water for earth. Together they took the leap of faith. Again. 

Marlot just started a blog

Here you can follow her adventures and contemplations, read about eco-warriors and free spirits. 

Thank you for the interview Marlot! It was fun and it made me think again about the choices in life.

Read it here. 💚

Con Amor,


Image: Formentera by David Svihovek.

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