Step Into The Light

To investigate the truth you must open your mind

It’s very necessary to do both these days

You’re trying to understand what moves the person next to you

Maybe his or her convictions inspire you

You might not agree

Perhaps it upsets you

Or it even revolts you

Sturm-und-Drang is what it takes

And that’s okay

But today’s polarisation

The explosive anger and resentment

We don’t want to define our world with all this

Rebel, address injustice,

but please breathe

Be silent for a little while too, a constant roar wearies

Be aware of how you feed your soul

Surround yourself with beauty and people who make your heart sing

Be inspired and wonder

Look for magic in the small things of life

In the tree that already blossoms

In the smiles you receive

Step into the light

And love

You know, more people will follow

It’s up to you.



…I probably sound like a hippy right now, but it’s from the heart!


You join me? 🙂


All I want is LOVE in this world!


Con Amor,











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