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  • Magical Owl.

    Magical Owl.

    Yesterday, the first day of December, felt quite unreal to me. Firstly, because it’s the last month of 2019 before another year (and decade!) will start, a year with some big changes ahead, both at an individual and a collective level. Secondly, we have two more weeks left on the island before we move to […]

  • Step Into The Light

    Step Into The Light

    To investigate the truth you must open your mind It’s very necessary to do both these days You’re trying to understand what moves the person next to you Maybe his or her convictions inspire you You might not agree Perhaps it upsets you Or it even revolts you Sturm-und-Drang is what it takes And that’s […]

  • October mood

    October mood

    We’re already landed in October! I haven’t written much on this blog lately. Not that I don’t know what to write, but it’s evident that I have been quite lethargic lately, I still am a bit to be honest. Last two weeks I had ennoying belly-problems, it’s not over completely. Lost weight. My new shorts are […]

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