October mood

We’re already landed in October! I haven’t written much on this blog lately. Not that I don’t know what to write, but it’s evident that I have been quite lethargic lately, I still am a bit to be honest. Last two weeks I had ennoying belly-problems, it’s not over completely. Lost weight. My new shorts are hanging loose around my butt. I’m giving the intestines and belly some rest now. No more vinos for the time being, that’s for sure.

When you don’t feel that great physically, you surely don’t feel exactly on top of the world either. In order to not losing the magic here I biked to “El Mirador” of “Es Vèdra” last Saturday (what can be a greater remedy against apathy than some good exercise?!). From here you have a beautiful lookout and view at the world’s third most energetic point “Es Vèdra”: Huge rocks risen from the bottom of the Mediterranean sea. Looking at it I see the shape of a sleeping dragon. Some say this island of solely rocks is the heritage of Atlantis, the mythical and lost island. Not a single soul lives here. Probably another reason why it fascinates so many people. So mystical rocks of Es Vèdra, give me a shot of energy and amazing magic please?

I started to feel more energetic again, that was easy (!), but it didn’t last very long. After I came home, sweaty from the bikeride, and had a shower my eyes became heavier and heavier and so I ended falling asleep for an hour or so. But it was all good and the mystical sleeping dragon is still here with me.

I may have not blogged for a while, but I do write a little almost every day. A poem, some phrases and thoughts. Most you can find here: Silentsouldiers poetry Ibiza . I’ve noticed that writing about how I feel really helps to find more peace with myself. After I write some lines and lay my pen down I truly start to feel better. Because I give my thoughts a life and don’t keep it in my head all the time. So here’s another reason to write! After all, you have to make your own happiness. How much love and sun, how much fortune and how many caring, sweet people you have in your life, it can’t always save you. It enriches your life, absolutely yes, but the only person in the world who can save you, is you.

Con Amor,



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