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  • An Honest-to-Goodness Life-Saver. Column on Elephant Journal

    An Honest-to-Goodness Life-Saver. Column on Elephant Journal

    It’s funny how we take something for granted for many years and don’t cherish its true value until much later. My latest column has been published on Elephant Journal >>>>>>> https://www.elephantjournal.com/2018/08/an-honest-to-goodness-life-saver/ Something extraordinary on Ibiza..?   Con Amor, Eva          

  • A Minimalist Life – part I –

    A Minimalist Life – part I –

    My life is simple, I’m not afraid to confess that. In this life where things are complex -the world is far from simple- how can we lead a “simple life”? ALL YOU NEED IS LESS  It all began three years ago when my love and I moved to the Spanish island, Ibiza. We wanted to […]

  • October mood

    October mood

    We’re already landed in October! I haven’t written much on this blog lately. Not that I don’t know what to write, but it’s evident that I have been quite lethargic lately, I still am a bit to be honest. Last two weeks I had ennoying belly-problems, it’s not over completely. Lost weight. My new shorts are […]

  • Looking for love…

    Looking for love…

    Everybody deserves love in his or her life. Love from our lovers, partners, children, family, friends, animals. To receive and give love. It’s not only romantic love. It’s love from being to being, human to human; it’s transcendental love. We thrive on love; regardless our age. It’s the fundamental healing power in this world. Yesterday I had a […]

  • Awake


      She wanted to be saved only by herself because deep down she knows her way   Last Thursday night I couldn’t sleep and felt overwhelmed by that annoying little monster.. again. Every now and then it comes and visits me, preferably at night: doubt that takes over and brings me out of balance. These […]