Magical Owl.

Yesterday, the first day of December, felt quite unreal to me. Firstly, because it’s the last month of 2019 before another year (and decade!) will start, a year with some big changes ahead, both at an individual and a collective level. Secondly, we have two more weeks left on the island before we move to Mallorca…
I have found a small studio to rent on the countryside, very basic, but good to start with. It’s on the land of a Spanish couple with a 4-year-old daughter, a peaceful Golden Retriever and a stunning, grey furry cat with bright eyes that look straight through you. Actually, this studio is meant for one person, although animals (cats) are allowed, so Dorus, Liefje & Luna are all welcome 🙂

Our cats will have so much space to roam around. Just like they have here. The Spanish landlord sounded very friendly on the phone the other day and said the studio is mine. Dear God… it’s getting real now.


These new times don’t pass without shedding a tear here and there. I hear some deep music, and voilà, some deep emotions appear to the surface. My last yoga class with Laura, my wonderful and sweet teacher, ended in tears last Friday. Her classes meant so much to me these last couple of years. It gave me some structure, inspiration and helped me improving my health, both mental and physical.

Million dollar baby

The bike rides back home in the darkness after class during “winter”, when the air feels fresh and there’s hardly any car on the road and when there are only the sounds of night birds and barking dogs in the hills and a crescent moon which seems like a dreamy painting in the dark evening sky – bright and full of stars – have been as food for my soul. Those magical Ibiza-moments are totally free. I never have to pay a single cent to enjoy them. Even the poorest you feels like a millionaire.

Last Wednesday evening after class when I just passed the forest, I felt the wind beneath the wings of a rising bird touching my forehead. When I looked up, I caught a glimpse of an owl. Just magic! The next morning I found our new home on Mallorca.

Full circle

It has been a growing experience since our move to our tiny home in the Casita Verde ecological community. Here it will come to an end and so will Casita Verde. It’s full circle; here we began our new life almost six years ago and we will end it here too, to — again — start a new life somewhere else. We won’t go far. We will continue with living our lives sustainably and consciously with respect to our planet, our home, and its inhabitants. We will start building a community and gardens to grow our own food, together with some friends who’ll join us in January. We have found a promising location which is close to our tiny studio.

Stepping stone

As Casita Verde is fully developed, this new location isn’t yet, so this gives many opportunities and ways to grow. Casita Verde certainly has served as a stepping stone to this new adventure. I will carry this place in my heart forever as I find it one of the most unique and beautiful places on Ibiza. This valley with its clean air still feels like a dream, especially on sunny November days which we have had plenty lately.

But I have learned that on the most beautiful places, people behave in a way not to be proud of. Narcissism and sexism live here and that’s damn ugly. Therefore I would be relieved to leave this negative part behind and focus on a new chapter to work on which is authentic, meaningful and full of love.

Con Amor,


Ibiza, my beautiful home:

“This island needs her sleep to restore
only winters can give
Her earth, water and air
gain clarity and strength
No more standing in the dirt
Her pure beauty is returning
Sometimes we need our winters too.”

For more short poems: @evalunes.poetry on Instagram


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