A new year!

Free the mind by doing good stuff.

Less hate and separation. More love and understanding.

Less fear. More trust.

Less assholes. More beautiful souls.

Less injustice. More justice for all beings.

Less bullshit. More reason.

No more overexploitation and destruction, but guardianship of Mother Earth and the understanding of ONE health (humans, animals & the environment).

And more respect towards each other please!

Don’t forget: power to the people, dance everyday and be bold.

My best wishes and love to you! 🙏🏽✨💚


Yoga, my Companion on my Journey.

”The more we sweat in peace, the less we bleed in war.” ~ Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit

I have fully embraced yoga since I discovered its power and healing energy.

Flow, movement, effort and grace result in rejuvenation, gratefulness, calm and relaxation. When I’m on my mat, at times feeling uncomfortable, I know I will leave it with peace of mind.

Grateful for her, my wonderful teacher, and this practise I step into the world. I cycle home after dark in the soft autumn air, riding the country roads of Ibiza to the tunes of crickets, barking dogs and singing night birds off in the distance. There’s a kind of magic in these moments after yoga. With faithful starry heavens looking upon me I return home, light, unafraid and a heart filled with love. I am a mystical being. I feel like I am the stars I look at, I am the dark sky and the moon. Trivial and loud conversations in my head are muted, no longer determined to be heard.

All flies and all goes. There’s a stillness in and around me. No longer am I a worry woman, but a warrior woman. I know what’s worth fighting for, what really matters to me, yoga gives me that clearity.

Mornings started with yoga feel better than mornings without yoga. Then why do I still skip my practice some days? Yoga is discipline. If I want to grow further, I need to practise everyday. I am on my way. I am travelling. Yoga is my companion on my journey.

I have chosen this path to walk on, sometimes rocky and slippery, but worthwhile for the views on this path are magnificent. It isn’t the main path, the path which modern life expects me to travel. I decided to take a turn which is close to my beliefs. Once I step over the stones, these hurdles trying to brake me, there’s another one wanting me to change my course, not respecting my path, making me doubt, trying to make me fall and lose my balance. But this is my path, the road less travelled, where the treasures that wait for me on the horizon aren’t material wealth and success, but freedom and simplicity. Awareness and compassion. Patience. In fact, the journey, the path, is all this. And yoga is my comrade that keeps me balanced in travelling this path.

With both feet I always return gracefully to the ground after I float away on the waves of my breath. Yoga lets me drift away and escape from the noise which is all around. With yoga as my companion I follow my heart’s desires. I am aware and present. Held on to by old spirits and souls in heaven I pick myself up and continue my steps. Held on to by love’s power I walk on. Let’s come together where we can sweat in peace rather than to bleed in war. Let’s practise. Let’s walk here till there’s only love and unity left.


Con Amor,




Alone time.

Why my temporary alone time isn’t unconditional love.

I love you

as I can be all by myself these months

with my thoughts, plans and moods.

Me, myself and I.

Just be me.

No expectations.

Go buying vegetables on the market not today, but tomorrow,

it doesn’t matter.

Let the dish-washing in the kitchen for another hour,

perhaps skipping dinner and have more chocolate instead,

coming home in the middle of the night,

who cares!

Laissez-fair all around.


Work and after that be as free as a bird.


it means the world to many of us.

Watch movies until late,

read books in the middle of the night

when I can’t sleep because the bed is empty next to me.

The first week you were good to me, alone time

and I was crazy about you.

I really liked you.

The second week you began to annoy me.. not too bad, just small things, I almost got over them,

like it’s only my presence in the house,

the restlessness I didn’t expect.

The sleepness nights began, falling asleep very late each night.

Sorry, but you won’t make me the most happiest woman like this,

despite all the experts telling us how important and needed you are.

The third week I’ve known mornings I felt sad when I woke up with sheets unslept beside me.

No morning hugs.

Morning coffee alone.

No talking and relaxed beginnings of the day together.

But the sea I look out to will always be there.

She welcomes me every new day,

she has known storms too.

It’s okay.


The weeks after are an interesting mix

of my solitude

and desire to see other people from time to time.

I love you alone time.

My solitude at home,

it makes me listen to my inner-voice,

exploring wisdom.

So much time for reflection.

To have this now,

it’s good.


There are less distractions too.

No consensus.

It makes me want to write.

It’s all in my head,

the bundles of thoughts.

I want to write them down.

They are with too many now and frankly they tire me,

I know why.

These contemplations are unventilated,

no spoken words

to the lover who’s gone these months.

They are missing feedback.


moving in circles

in my head.

It’s bad.


Bicycling, walks and yoga

reassure me even more than they already did.

Alone time and I will break up soon.

That makes me happy, not sad.

Living on my own, my temporary alone time,

I believe you’re capable of such beautiful dreams.

You may come around once and awhile,

I even may need you,

but if it will be for too long you’d better stay away.

As long as possible.

Do you hear me?

Actually, my life doesn’t really need you.

Not like some people

who are craving you these days until they burn out.

If it’s voluntarily

I understand so well.


Con Amor,



alone time





Step Into The Light

To investigate the truth you must open your mind

It’s very necessary to do both these days

You’re trying to understand what moves the person next to you

Maybe his or her convictions inspire you

You might not agree

Perhaps it upsets you

Or it even revolts you

Sturm-und-Drang is what it takes

And that’s okay

But today’s polarisation

The explosive anger and resentment

We don’t want to define our world with all this

Rebel, address injustice,

but please breathe

Be silent for a little while too, a constant roar wearies

Be aware of how you feed your soul

Surround yourself with beauty and people who make your heart sing

Be inspired and wonder

Look for magic in the small things of life

In the tree that already blossoms

In the smiles you receive

Step into the light

And love

You know, more people will follow

It’s up to you.



…I probably sound like a hippy right now, but it’s from the heart!


You join me? 🙂


All I want is LOVE in this world!


Con Amor,











I see how you smile at me


” Today I look in your notebook,

more than a simple verse,

today I observe the universe

looking for your memory

and deep inside of me,

I see how you smile at me,

that when I’m lost, you guide me,

that on this moment, you talk to me,

that you return with a magical word

and thus you sprinkle my life with happiness. “

Can’t believe today it’s already 17 years ago.. forever in my heart. Pappa.

09 December 1999

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